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Dr. Benjamin earned a Ph.D. in sports medicine and has dedicated his life to helping people understand and overcome the pain and stress caused by injury to the body. He has been in private practice since 1963.


Dr. Benjamin’s specialty is his ability to figure out the cause of difficult to understand pain problems and the appropriate treatment.In 1974, he founded the Muscular Therapy Institute, a school he owned and directed for over 30 years, where people were trained in manual therapy and massage.

Dr. Benjamin continues on his mission to offer his innovative therapy techniques to enhance the quality of life for as many people as possible—to help people not simply manage their pain but be freed from it.

Dr. Benjamin is the author of:

Are You Tense

Are You Tense? The Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy

(1978) by Ben E. Benjamin

Listen to Your Pain:

Listen to Your Pain

The Active Person’s Guide to Understanding, Identifying, and Treating Pain and Injury (1984) by Ben E. Benjamin PhD

Exercise Without Injury

Exercise Without Injury

(1979) by Ben E. Benjamin PhD


Conversation Transformation

Ben’s Block Neck Relaxer

This device helps reduce painful tension which accumulates at the back of the head and neck.

Awards & Recognition

National AMTA President’s Award for service to the profession

On September 21, 2000, at the AMTA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Benjamin was presented with the President’s Award for someone who has contributed to the massage profession in an outstanding manner. “This year’s recipient has been a pioneer in the field of massage therapy, providing innovative thinking and leadership in an emerging profession. He has provided significant education to the general public, made numerous contributions within the profession as an educator, writer, and leader, and has been active in a leadership role within the AMTA.”

Massage Magazine, January 2000

Ben Benjamin was named one of the “Stars of the Century.” A leader who has made a groundbreaking contribution to the massage-and-bodywork field by furthering the cause and message of healing touch.
“Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D. wrote the first significant material about professional ethics for the field of massage and bodywork. His work was highly influential in initiating a national movement toward examining the further developing the field of ethics. Benjamin’s own bodywork system, The Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy, was influenced by Alexander, Wilhelm Reich and James Cyriax.”

AMTA Distinguished Service Award

Ben Benjamin received the AMTA Distinguished Service Award from the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association, on April 9, 2000 in Recognition of Leadership and Commitment to the Massage Profession and the AMTA.

ABMP “Eight Who Matter” Award

On The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals 10th Anniversary, readers of Massage & Bodywork nominated Ben Benjamin as one of eight individuals who have made a difference in the somatic profession within the last decade.

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

Dr. Benjamin was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame for his contributions to the massage profession at the official ceremony of the World Massage Festival in June 2010.

Podcast – Ben Benjamin: Built from Curiosity

Introduction and full transcript can be viewed at the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals website