The Secret of Chronic Pain

13 Mar 2024

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Are you in pain?

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In most cases of chronic pain, the real culprit is Adhesive Scar Tissue Formation. The body responds to injury by producing scar tissue wherever muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints are injured. This includes the lower back, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, and so forth. Wherever adhesive scar tissue forms, all movement that pulls, stretches, or compresses the injured and inflamed tissue causes pain.

The secret of successfully treating chronic pain problems is identifying the exact source of the pain and then correctly matching the appropriate treatment required to eliminate the pain. Unfortunately, this process rarely occurs, but Dr. Benjamin has extensive experience eliminating chronic pain.

Poorly formed adhesive scar tissue is the reason pain doesn’t disappear on its own If you are in pain or frequently uncomfortable, it means that some part of your body experienced a trauma of some kind, and the scar tissue that developed didn’t form quite right in either your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints as part of the healing process.


This is a graphic illustration of good, normal scar tissue. Good scar tissue forms whenever you get injured. A bit of scar tissue in the right places is the good glue that holds the torn fibers together. When it heals well, it’s often as strong as the original tissue.


This is an illustration of poorly formed, adhesive scar tissue. The fibers heal in a random fashion and form a jumbled mass of adhesions, which constantly re-tear, causing pain. Many people don’t realize that the cause of most chronic pain is the poor healing and repeated tearing of adhesive scar tissue.


Hands-on treatment is usually needed after an injury to avoid the formation of adhesive scar tissue so that healing can occur in the presence of a full range of movement. Part of the treatment for any injury is gentle exercise. This prevents the reformation of the adhesive scar tissue as the body heals.


A painful injury becomes chronic when not dealt with, and the adhesive scar tissue remains. Most people don’t realize that when they have pain doing something, they actually have an injury. Breaking the cycle of tearing and re-tearing of adhesive scar tissue is the secret of effective therapeutic treatment.