Appointment Policies and Fees

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Injury Treatment Frequency

Depending on the number and severity of the injuries or pain issues present, Dr. Benjamin will suggest the appropriate time frame for each individual’s treatment sessions.

For most injury problems, it is usually recommended that clients come twice a week for the first four to six weeks and then once a week, tapering off slowly as the pain or injury abates and heals.

Health Maintenance Treatment Frequency

Two or four sessions per month are advised for individuals receiving health maintenance and prevention treatment.


To schedule an appointment, please click on the Contact Us button above or call 617.576.0777.

If you can’t keep your appointment, you may reschedule or cancel until the day before by using the online scheduler (until midnight) or by calling 617-576-0777 (during business hours).


Unless there is an emergency, full payment is expected for appointments canceled on the same day.

If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time.


Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne when scheduled for an evaluation or treatment. Many people are allergic to these substances.

Appointment Length and Fees

Assessment Session

The initial assessment session costs $250. It typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes but may take longer, depending on the complexity of the injury issues.

Remote Virtual Assessment fees are the same, but these sessions may take a little longer.

Treatment Sessions

Treatments cost $150 per 30-minute session. (The majority of sessions last 30 minutes, but some cases of complex or multiple injuries may require 45 or 60-minute sessions.)
Financing options and a sliding scale are available for those in need.

Home Visit Fees

For home visits, clients are charged a higher fee to account for travel time reimbursement, which is billed at the same hourly rate.*


Payment must be received at the time of the appointment and may be made by cash, check, or credit card. There is no billing, but credit card payment is preferred. Checks should be made out to Ben Benjamin.

If you plan to come for treatment regularly, we ask that you pay by credit card. Our accountant will have your account number and will charge you after your session. We find that this saves time and is more efficient.

Individuals who have financial constraints are encouraged to discuss their situation with Dr. Benjamin to find a possible alternative solution.


Some insurance policies cover the assessment and treatment sessions, and some do not. We do not take assignments, but we will give you a receipt that can be turned in to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Appropriate Professional Behavior

Our profession ascribes to ethical behavior, as outlined in a code of ethics available here. We adhere to all of the statements in this ethical code, including a statement that practitioners and their clients should not engage in close personal relationships.


Everything that is discussed in a session is completely confidential.

Recourse Policy

If you are dissatisfied with an assessment or treatment session, you will receive a full refund for that session.

*An out-of-state home visit initial assessment or treatment is $4500.00 plus lodging and door-to-door travel expenses.