Evaluation and Treatment Sessions

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Evaluation Sessions

Assessing the problem is the first step. During the initial evaluation, we will review your history, conduct a thorough examination, and analyze your tension patterns. The most important task of this session is to understand the problem and determine the best approach to resolving it. We will discuss all findings and, if appropriate, make treatment recommendations. These recommendations may include muscular therapy, friction therapy,  myofascial therapy, exercise, injection therapy, a surgical or other medical consult, and so forth. There will be plenty of time for questions, and you are welcome to call later if questions arise after you leave.

Treatment Sessions

Pain and Injury Treatment

In a hands-on injury treatment session, one or several parts of the body may be treated. You will be asked to participate in deciding what is needed during a particular session. Injury treatment sessions usually start at twice a week and scale down as your condition improves.

Headache Treatment

The cause of headaches may be simple or complex, and treatment may involve a variety of approaches. The type of headache you suffer from will determine the treatment protocol. For tension or migraine headaches, various hands-on approaches are effective without the use of drugs. But if the headache is due to injuries in the neck ligaments, other treatment modalities are used. As with any pain problem, treatment is usually minimally effective without precisely identifying the cause of the headache.

Health Maintenance Treatment

Health maintenance treatment is designed for anyone who is regularly subjected to periods of excess stress. Treatment is regularly scheduled once or twice a month to reduce the stress-induced muscular tension. Areas needing attention are discussed, and simple self-care exercises are recommended.