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Reviews of work gathered over the years

Susan Greenhalgh

My frozen shoulder quickly unfroze in the skilled hands of Dr. Ben. A rare soft-tissue expert with intimate knowledge of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles and all that can go wrong with them, he was a model of the knowing and caring practitioners. Excellent communicator, highly professional, and a true pleasure to work with.

Susan Greenhalgh
J. Herman MD

Ben Benjamin knows his functional anatomy better than any doctor I’ve ever met. He’s an incredibly skilled diagnostician and practitioner. He’ll tell you what’s causing your pain and what can be done about it, and best of all, if he doesn’t know, he won’t pretend that he does, and if he can’t help you, he won’t waste your time and money by pretending that he can. I’ve been a grateful client for years.

J. Herman MD
Sunada Takagi

I have several chronic joint issues stemming from the fact that I have scoliosis combined with long ligaments, and hence I’m more prone to joint instability and injuries. Ben is one of the few practitioners I have come to trust with assessing and treating me. Where orthopedic MDs told me I have to get ankle replacement surgery, for example, he has helped me avoid having to go that route. He shows a genuinely care about my well-being, and goes the extra mile to support me being healthy and as pain-free as possible. He is deeply knowledgeable about body mechanics and works with me to address root causes. I feel very fortunate to be in his care.

Sunada Takagi
Kyra Norsigian

Dr. Benjamin has helped me with many injuries and conditions over the years. He is an expert at assessing injuries and knows more about anatomy than any other practitioner I’ve worked with. He has treated me through my growing teenage years, my young adult years spent hunched over a computer, during my pregnancy and post-partum, and many other phases of life. He is a caring, thoughtful practitioner that I highly recommend!

Kyra Norsigian
Academic Tutor
Mikaela Army, LICSW

I could not recommend reaching out to Ben for services more! Ben has helped me so much over the past year with severe pain in my lower back, neck, and shoulder. Ben’s flexibility in both his approach to treatment and life has been appreciated. When I arrive at my appointment with a new area of pain, Ben is able to adapt and treat the new area with ease quickly. Possibly most appreciated is Ben’s understanding and flexibility with my lifestyle. As someone with inconsistent work hours and a shifting schedule, Ben is always so understanding when I need to change an appointment. Without his understanding and flexibility, I would not have been able to access the services and care I needed. I hope more people are able to utilize Ben’s expertise to better their well-being, too.

Mikaela Army, LICSW
Trauma Therapist

Just when I thought there was no hope for my back pain, I found Ben Benjamin. His friction therapy technique gave me my life back. It’s been many years now, and I still see him for a periodic tune-up!

Barbara Gubb
Math Teacher

Ben is brilliant at assessing pain problems and is an amazing therapist. I have been seeing him because I was experiencing pain and decreased range of motion in my shoulder. He led me through a series of active and passive movement tests and figured out exactly what my problem was. In addition to the treatment for my shoulder, he gave me a series of exercises to strengthen the damaged areas.

One week, I had terrible pain in my lower back and neck. Again, he led me through a series of movement tests and figured out what the problems were. He helped my shoulder, my neck, and my back pain. He is a very thoughtful practitioner. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a chronic pain condition or needs a health maintenance massage.

Debbie Baker
Massage Therapist

I first saw Dr. Ben Benjamin at a time of desperation. A few months earlier, I had taken a leave of absence from medical school due to severe pain in my body and general poor health. My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and repetitive stress injury to both wrists but really couldn’t suggest any treatments beyond the ineffective medication I was already taking.

As a student, I initially worried about the cost of being treated by Ben. After our initial meeting, however, I knew this money was well-spent. At my first visit, Ben took an extensive history (more extensive than I have ever received from anyone) and spent a long time doing physical assessments to pinpoint my injuries.

Over the past year, Ben has treated me and guided me towards other treatments that have helped me feel dramatically better. He is a creative, gifted healing professional who knows more about the human body, especially the musculoskeletal system, than most doctors I have seen. He is also very personable and funny, and I have found him very easy to talk to, even about difficult subjects. He is one of the most generous and caring people I have ever met, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with him.

As I head back to medical school, I am deeply grateful to Ben for helping me regain my health. I cannot recommend his work highly enough, and I am excited to bring what I have learned from Ben’s deep understanding of the human body to my future practice as a physician.

Ginevra Fay
Medical Student

I have known Ben Benjamin professionally and personally for over twenty years. As a family physician who focuses on nutritional issues, I frequently call upon Ben to help me treat people with multiple physical and nutritional problems.

Ben’s assessments and treatments of pain problems of musculoskeletal origin are exceptional. He is able to pinpoint the exact structures involved and provide the appropriate therapy. As one of Ben’s clients, I myself have had first-hand experience of the success of his work. I consistently refer my patients with musculoskeletal pain and injury to him, and they consistently benefit from his work.
Ben’s integrity, empathy, and compassion are equally unusual. He works with each individual in a manner that uniquely fits their needs, sensing when to move forward and when to go slowly. I have no hesitation in sending him complex cases where both personal attention and professional judgment must be maintained.

Ben is indeed a professional of excellent clinical judgment. He knows his strengths and works well with other healthcare providers to give his patients the full range of care that they need. I highly recommend Ben Benjamin as a clinician of the finest caliber.

Lynne August, MD

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have had such dramatic results in such a short period of time. For the past two years, I have been experiencing pain in my right shoulder and arm. This pain intensified over the latter few months of those two years, severely limiting my ability to move. This pain made it difficult to tolerate daily physical tasks and interfered with my work as a singer-performance artist.

Frustrated and resigned to my chronic pain, a massage therapist friend of mine suggested that I visit Dr. Benjamin for consultation. After our initial interview and assessment session, we decided on an eight to ten-session course of treatment consisting of consecutive office visits and at-home exercises. After just three office visits, Dr. Benjamin informed me that we could stop treatment earlier than expected because my body had responded so quickly. After two years of experiencing pain in my shoulder, it amazes me to be able to use my shoulder fully without any pain in such a short period of time. Free of pain and with full range of mobility returned, I was sent on my way. A year later and counting I have remained pain free.

Patty Barkas
Singer Performance Artist

Ben has helped me enormously. I first came to see him after I had already consulted several doctors, physical therapists, and healers of different kinds to treat chronic pain in both my knees. I felt that no one really understood the cause of this pain, and no one had been able to help me. I was feeling very discouraged and frustrated. I was afraid that I would have to resign myself to a life of limited activity and frequent pain.

In my first session with him, he pinpointed the cause of my pain precisely and suggested a treatment plan for relieving it. What he said made complete sense and felt completely right. In the several following sessions, he was able to substantially reduce the pain in both knees using his very precise, skillful fingers to break up the many adhesions that were there.

After several months, Ben said he felt he had done all he could. He suggested that I consult a doctor who could treat the remaining problem that he could not reach because it was too far inside the knees. This referral was the perfect complement to the work he had done, and the combination of both approaches has enabled me to become pain-free and resume a physically active life.

Ben is superbly good at what he does—assessing the cause of muscular and soft tissue pain and treating it. He has not only an excellent technical knowledge of anatomy but also a deeply intuitive understanding of how the body works. And he cares deeply about the people he helps.

I am profoundly grateful to Ben for his expert help. I also appreciate his humility about the limits of what he can do and his willingness to collaborate with others. And I am joyful. I can again do one of my favorite things in the world, ice dancing–skating gracefully across the ice with my beautiful wife.

Rich Borofsky
Clinical Psychologist

My recommendation of Ben Benjamin is simple and straightforward. He said what he could do. Then he did it. He traced my grid of pain back to its source and alleviated it. There was no magic or hocus-pocus, just a simple explanation and effective treatment. I thought, at first, he was expensive. Then I reasoned out that I was paying for hands that have been educated on pain assessment and treatment for nearly forty years. Educated hands save a lot of wasted effort. It’s quite a bargain when someone knows what they are talking about and can make your healing simple and straightforward.

Dave Dawson

The work Ben Benjamin has done with me over the past months has made an enormous difference in the way I feel about my body. The shoulder pain that I had experienced for more than fifteen years has decreased substantially, and the various other “every day” pains from exercise and what I thought was the wear and tear of life are virtually gone.

I came to see Ben as a total skeptic, sure that my pain was chronic. I thought that his work would be worth a try, but I did not hold out any real belief that it would be successful. Happily, I was wrong. Not only has he helped me to feel significantly better, but he has helped me to better understand and communicate about pain. I have a new sense of my body, and I must say, I have never felt better.

Business Woman

When I first went to see Ben Benjamin, I was at my wits’ end. I had been suffering from intense shooting pain in my neck and back for at least six weeks but had experienced persistent spinal problems for years. Where many other doctors, chiropractors, and osteopaths had failed, Ben was able to provide almost immediate relief. After the first visit, I felt 80 percent better and could finally sleep and breathe. Ben’s subsequent treatments were careful, professional, and effective, and he also provided me with advice on exercises and other things I could do to limit the chances of recurring pain later on. It all worked. Ben’s treatments and consultations were worth every penny, and they brought me relief where I thought none was possible. Thank you, Ben!

Danusia Bagniuk-Libby
Nicosia, Cyprus

I had been suffering from severe migraines since I was 7 years old. I had tried everything, from Botox injections to acupuncture, from anti-epilepsy drugs to biofeedback, from steroids to vitamin regimes. Nothing worked. For 25 years, my chronic migraine condition interfered with all aspects of my life. Then, I was referred to Dr. Benjamin, and everything changed.

To be honest, I had no confidence at the outset that Dr. Benjamin could help me, given how many doctors and treatments had tried and failed. When I started working with Dr. Benjamin, I was having migraines almost daily and had recently been hospitalized due to a particularly bad attack. The facts since then are simple: I have been seeing Dr. Benjamin for just over four months, my migraines are virtually gone, and I am on zero prescription medicine.

While I may make Dr. Benjamin sound like some sort of miracle worker — and it does feel that way to my family — he does not work in miracles. His approach to treating pain is highly empirical and based in his wealth of knowledge about the interconnectivity of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the neck, head, and back.

For me, Dr. Benjamin assessed a series of muscle and ligament issues in my head and neck and was able to dramatically reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines — both by eliminating neck pain as a trigger and by reducing my overall susceptibility to migraine attacks.

While I used to live in fear of being hungry or tired, facing bright light or excessive heat (any of which could have caused a migraine), I no longer experience migraines due to these typical triggers.

While Dr. Benjamin would be too modest to admit it, he has virtually cured my chronic migraine condition. I could not be more grateful to him, and I only wish that more migraine sufferers could benefit from his expertise.

Melanie Stinnett