How High on the Thigh

19 Feb 2024

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How high should a massage therapist work when massaging the upper inner thigh? The drape should always cover the upper 3–4 inches of the upper inner thigh, whether the client is face up or face down.

Maintaining good physical boundaries during massage of the thigh – is essential. In most people, the upper inner thigh is a very private, sexually sensitive area.

The only exception to this is when the client specifically requests therapeutic work on an injury in this region.

For example, a client may seek treatment for an injury to the upper adductor muscle or tendon from a therapist who is specifically trained in working with these types of injuries.

Most massage therapists have not undergone training in treating these kinds of injuries. But for those who are trained, the treatment should be explained, and a clear boundary should be established by the drape.

The client’s permission must be obtained before the treatment begins.  Permission in writing is always the safest policy. Once written permission is obtained, the therapist would direct the client to leave their underwear on when working in this area. This type of work would be very rare in a spa franchise setting.