Predator therapists often make pelvic contact with the client’s head

19 Feb 2024

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When working on the back, standing at the head of the table, the appropriate place to stand is off to one side above the client’s shoulder. A therapist should not stand directly above the client’s head when working on the lower back so that the therapist’s pelvis cannot make contact with the client’s head.


Some therapists who are very tall may choose to stand directly above the client’s head to work the whole back, but the danger of pelvic contact still exists if the therapist is not aware and careful.


Standing directly above the head can be done safely if the therapist is working only the neck and upper back and does not have to lean over the body.


Unfortunately, standing right above the client’s head is common in sexual assaults. Bizarre as it sounds, the therapist rhythmically rubs the front of his pelvis against the client’s head.