Touching the Side of the Breast When Lying Face Down

19 Feb 2024

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This is very common when a predator therapist is grooming a client. Often, when a woman lies face down, the sides of her breasts may extend up to a few inches out to the side.  When a client is lying face down on the table, there is never a legitimate reason for the therapist’s hands to make contact with the sides of the female breasts.


It takes conscious awareness and care to avoid touching them.  For example, when working on the client’s back, a therapist may knowingly (with malicious intent) or unknowingly (because of poor training) bring their hands close to the treatment table and run them over the sides of the breasts. This should never occur.


When a massage therapist’s hands move down from the top of the client’s shoulders and return to the lower back, they should be on the edges of the back but never low enough toward the table to touch the sides of the breasts. The hands should be here and move down the outer edges of the back.  The hands can move down onto the ribs after they pass the sides of the breasts.


If the therapist makes contact with the sides of the breasts, the client often feels confused about what just happened. The client is often relaxed and in a semi-conscious state when getting a massage and not alert until right when this is happening.


In many of the sexual assault cases I see, the victim reports wondering whether the touch was accidental or intentional or even something they just imagined.  It’s hard for them to conceive that someone would do such a thing intentionally. At this moment, they become more alert and usually fearful.