Working on the Lower Abdomen

19 Feb 2024

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Some massage therapists work on the abdomen, but only when it is requested and for a particular reason. Abdominal massage can be very beneficial for certain conditions. However, the abdomen—especially the lower abdomen—is a very sensual area of the body for most people.


From my experience as an expert witness, lower abdominal massage is often a precursor to a predator therapist moving his hands increasingly lower and lower toward the genital region in a sexualized way.


Massage of the abdomen can be very therapeutic for a number of issues.  For example, these include constipation, severe menstrual pain, cesarian scar work, and abdominal muscle strain, which usually occurs here in the muscles you use to do a sit-up.


The therapist’s hands should remain at least 2 inches above the client’s pubic bone (roughly 2 inches below the navel). Predator therapists gradually move lower and lower toward the genital region.


This area of the body is rarely massaged without being requested, and that request from a client is fairly infrequent. If the suggestion for abdominal massage comes from the therapist there must be a good therapeutic reason which is explained to the client.


Only with the client’s consent before the treatment begins should abdominal massage be performed.  Consent is best given in writing.